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Antler Mount Kit- Legends Deer

6.20 LBS

Product Description

Display two of your legendary trophies at the same time with this “old west” style cedar plaque. Legends is made from hand selected ¾ inch cedar and comes in a flame touched finish. The famous Whiskey Legends logo is branded into the center of the plaque. Legends can be used for antler mounts or European mounts. Mix it up and mount one of each on the Legends! European mount attachement wires are included in the kit along with all antler mounting materials and supplies.

We have simplified the do-it-yourself antler mounting process by providing kits containing taxidermy grade materials and step by step instructions. Create a professional mount that you can do right in your own home. The mounting process is easier and will create a more superior antler mount when using these materials. Each kit contains all mounting materials, hardware, and instructions for 2 complete antler mounts.
-An independent antler form- The antlers are mounted to the form, and then the form is attached to the plaque. This is the proper way to mount antlers.
-Genuine Leather-Highest quality antler mount form cover available.
-Mache-Creates a finished look between the antlers and form.
-Batting- Helps cover up any imperfections for a smooth leather finish.
-Finishing Rope-Creates a finished look between the leather and antler bases.
-Screws-Attaches the antler base plate to the form, and the form to the plaque.
-Step-By-Step Instructions-Contains photographs, to guide you through the mounting process.
-Solid Wood Plaque-No fiber board, no laminates, no fake wood stickers, no painted edges- we use hand selected ¾ inch wood and each plaque has a flush, wall mount hanger.
-European Mount Attachment Wire-Gives you the option of antler mounts or European mounts. Mix it up and mount one of each!
When ordering, the Standard antler mount kit includes all materials listed above. This kit is also available in the Desire Series for her. The Desire series converts each antler mounting kit with a white leather antler mount form cover and a gold colored finishing rope. Plaque measures: 44 X 12 Inches. Made in the U.S.A.

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