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Antler Mount Kit Moose -Overlay

4.60 LBS

Product Description

The Overlay is an impressive double layer plaque made from the finest hand selected ¾ inch walnut and rustic hickory. The rich walnut base outlines the rustic hickory overlay giving your moose antlers a unique look all of their own. From young bulls to mature swamp kings, the Overlay's large size accomodates a wide range of moose antlers! The OverLay is significantly larger than the Timeless giving it the ability to display larger moose antlers.

We have simplified the do-it-yourself antler mounting process by providing kits containing taxidermy grade materials and step by step instructions. Create a professional mount that you can do right in your own home. The mounting process is easier and will create a more superior antler mount when using these materials. Each kit contains all mounting materials, hardware, and instructions to complete your antler mount.


-An independent antler form- The antlers are mounted to the form, and then the form is attached to the plaque. This is the proper way to mount antlers.


-Genuine Leather-Highest quality antler mount form cover available.


-Mache-Creates a finished look between the antlers and form.


-Batting- Helps cover up any imperfections for a smooth leather finish.


-Finishing Rope-Creates a finished look between the leather and antler bases.


-Screws-Attaches the antler base plate to the form, and the form to the plaque.


-Step-By-Step Instructions-Contains photographs, to guide you through the mounting process.


-Solid Wood Plaque-No fiber board, no laminates, no fake wood stickers, no painted edges- we use hand selected ¾ inch wood and each plaque has a flush, wall mount hanger.

Plaque measures: 23.25 X 20 Inches. Made in the U.S.A.

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